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Frequently asked questions

What about moving my furniture ?

We can clean your carpets around the furniture if you so wish. However, if agreed during our quotation we will move your furniture if its possible to do so. We do not move TV's or other expensive equipment. There is a slight increase in cost if we move your furniture due to extra time involved but generally the clean is quicker with furniture removed.

Does the cleaning remove all the marks & stains ?

Yes & No If there is a mark on the carpet, large or small, YES, it can be removed. However, a stain is what it is. Whatever has got on the carpet and has caused the stain, ie changed the colours of the fibres of the carpet, this process cannot be undone and therfore the stain wont be able to be removed.

What about Out Of Hours working?

Yes! We can do this. However, please contact us for a quotation.

Is the cleaning noisey?

Its not silent. But, its no noiser than a large vacuum cleaner when switched on.